Technology at Agribusinesses - Developing Requirements

Technology can be a powerful tool for smallholder outreach and engagement when implemented with a clear strategy and defined goals. This guide is designed to cut through the ambiguity, uncertainty, and frustration that many feel when implementing technology and will help you set your organisation on a path towards a digital future.

Getting the right people around the table

One of the most important components of a technology project is making sure you have buy in from key stakeholders. Even if everyone isn't sold on the benefits of technology (yet), you still want to make sure everyone from your team is "on board" with the process of exploring how technology can benefit your business. Having the right people around the table will not only help to facilitate the activities in this guide, but will also create the foundation you need for future support and change management when solutions are implemented. In this video, we'll talk through who should be at the table when beginning the conversation on how technology can transform your business.
CEO / Managing Director
Someone from each key department
Backoffice and HR

Documenting your business

Most technology solutions are closely tied to business processes and the data your organisations uses and collects. We’ll step through a checklist you can use to make sure your business processes are documented and you are ready to describe your operations to new technology partners.

Creating your requirements

Successful tech projects start with the clarity of knowing what you want and why. In this step, we’ll bring the right team members and goals together to create a common vision for success. We'll organize requirements around groups of features and functionality that will help you overcome bottlenecks and key challenges.

Setting priorities and creating a roadmap

Just because technology can help with all business challenges does not mean it should. We’ll show you how to pair technology with your business goals to create a common vision and plan. The technology roadmap we create will help you mobilize and prepare for how tech will shape your business - both now and in the years to come.

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